EUNOMIA brochure on information hygiene

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EUNOMIA has published its first brochure, which presents our guidelines for information hygiene. Information hygiene is the practice of following daily routines that reduce the risk of acting upon and sharing misinformation to one’s network. While other recommendations such as “check the source”, “check how the information reached you” and “check whether the account is a bot” are certainly useful, they are vague, often time-consuming, complicated or difficult. Information hygiene, on the other hand, are practices that can simply become part of one’s routine.

Based on thorough research, we have elaborated 9 guidelines:

  • Be cautious of information forwarded to you through your network.
  • Be wary of popular posts.
  • Be wary of language that is making you feel emotional. It is designed to become viral, not to inform.
  • Be mindful of your emotions when reading a post. Anger makes you susceptible to biases.
  • Refrain from sharing based only on a headline.
  • Take a moment to think when provided with a nudge, such as some form of a flag.
  • Be wary of resharing information for its high novelty.
  • Repost to refute with evidence.
  • Use a dedicated tool or button to flag misinformation.

Following these guidelines, it becomes easy to stop misinformation before it gets viral – to flatten the curve of the infodemic.

The brochure is available for download here.

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