Workshop on Opinions, Intentions, Freedom of Expression,…, And Other Human Aspects Of Misinformation Online at CHI 2021

EUNOMIA joining forces with the EU funded project Co-inform organised an online workshop exploring the human factors of online misinformation. The workshop was hosted at CHI 2021, one of the most prestigious conferences in computer science, which happened online in early May.

The workshop called  “Opinions, Intentions, Freedom of Expression,…, And Other Human Aspects Of Misinformation Online” emerged from a previous collaboration with Co-Inform. The workshop was a success, attracting researchers from across disciplines and geographical locations (i.e. Canada, the US, Belgium, Germany, Brazil, Austria, Italy, and the UK). Furthermore, at the workshop, a representative of WHO was present. This was another success factor for the workshop given that WHO is a key organisation in the fight against the current infodemic.

The workshop followed an engaging and interactive format splitting the presentations of the 9 accepted research statements and the discussions into 3 clusters; 1. Community and Values; 2. Policies and Regulations; and 3. Tools and Technical Solutions.

Misinformation was analysed from a multi-layer perspective exploring and discussing different aspects of this phenomenon, including our beliefs and the role of emotions in human reasoning of online content, as well as the role of trust. Furthermore, technical characteristics of fact-checking such as accessibility and data harmonisation were discussed. Finally, accountability on social media and regulations of social media platforms were also brought into the debate. 

“In an engaging atmosphere, the discussions led to new insights for creating more ethical and impacting technical solutions, which will soon be published by the organisers and participants” as eloquently concluded Dr Lara Schibelsky Godoy Piccolo, Researcher at The Open University and co-organiser of the workshop.

Featured Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash

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